Film Review: To The Bone

By Tara Fitzpatrick It is apparently impossible to make a good film about anorexia. Amidst calls to ban director Marti Noxon’s unambiguous film To The Bone, it could be argued that campaigners are right. At least, it is impossible to make a film about anorexia which is representative of all affected by the disease. Being … Continue reading Film Review: To The Bone

June and Winter: Picks of the Week

By Niall Christie Here's a rundown of the music released, films screening, shows playing, books read, events happening and stuff going on that we think is worth talking about this week. Martha Ffion - Sneaky Pete's, Edinburgh The musical project of Claire Martha Ffion McKay, this Irish-born, Glasgow-based artist travels to the east coast to … Continue reading June and Winter: Picks of the Week