Live Review: Girlpool

By Tony Inglis Stereo, Glasgow, 9 September 2017 It happens about 50 seconds into ‘123’, the opening song from Girlpool’s 2017 record Powerplant; it’s the perfect fake out. Just as you think the LA duo of Harmony Tividad and Cleo Tucker have gotten quieter than on their previous album, Before the World Was Big, a … Continue reading Live Review: Girlpool

Live Review: Parquet Courts

By Tony Inglis The Art School, Glasgow, 28 August 2017 I have a couple of questions for the white, maybe bald, definitely dude(s) making their presence felt at the front of The Art School during Parquet Courts’ Glasgow show shouting “play a banger” and “play a song”: Have you ever listened to Parquet Courts? Have … Continue reading Live Review: Parquet Courts

Live Review: Conor Oberst

By Niall Christie O2 ABC, Glasgow, 22 August 2017 It was a triumphant return to Glasgow for troubled troubadour Conor Oberst as he sailed through what seemed like a greatest hits tour, with the adoration of fans pouring on to the stage throughout. With men and women alike proclaiming their love for the singer, and … Continue reading Live Review: Conor Oberst

Film Review: A Ghost Story

By Tony Inglis When details of the concept of A Ghost Story, the new film from director David Lowery, broke, it may have been difficult to get past the central idea of Casey Affleck’s character marauding around the living world as a spirit, manifested not by sophisticatedly realised CGI, but by the simple Halloween trick … Continue reading Film Review: A Ghost Story

Live Review: Frankie Cosmos

By Tony Inglis La Belle Angele, Edinburgh, 3 August 2017 “Talk amongst yourselves” says Frankie Cosmos frontwoman Greta Kline bashfully when, a few seconds into set opener ‘On the Lips’, her guitar cuts out. Those first few seconds sounded so sweet and joyful, the crowd can’t quite follow her request as instructed, instead waiting with … Continue reading Live Review: Frankie Cosmos

Album Review: Arcade Fire, Everything Now

By Tony Inglis Until the release of their new album Everything Now, Arcade Fire had released four ecstatically wonderful albums: the emotive sweep of debut Funeral, the darkly powerful and severely underrated Neon Bible, the rebellious ode to the kids The Suburbs, and the moonlit disco of Reflektor. Before a note of Everything Now was … Continue reading Album Review: Arcade Fire, Everything Now

Album Review: Lana Del Rey, Lust for Life

By Tara Fitzpatrick Lana Del Rey returns with her fourth studio album full of her staple brand of bluesy, sultry melodies with a topical and often lighter twist. The most continuously striking thing about Lana Del Rey is how little her music, since her critically-acclaimed debut Born To Die in 2012, sounds like anything else … Continue reading Album Review: Lana Del Rey, Lust for Life

Film Review: Dunkirk

By Tony Inglis Christopher Nolan is obsessed with time. In Memento, time is used to help us, the audience, relate to and experience the confusion of Guy Pearce’s bereaved amnesiac. In The Dark Knight Rises, time ticks away on a weapon of mass destruction. In Inception, time is a tool to be stretched and manipulated … Continue reading Film Review: Dunkirk

David Lynch: The Art Life

By Tony Inglis How do you make a documentary, an in depth look at the creative process of, a filmmaker, a musician, a painter, an artist, who is notorious for refusing to explain his work? For refusing to explain anything? When David Lynch, best known for his critically acclaimed surrealist films, but also multiple soundtracks, … Continue reading David Lynch: The Art Life

Film Review: To The Bone

By Tara Fitzpatrick It is apparently impossible to make a good film about anorexia. Amidst calls to ban director Marti Noxon’s unambiguous film To The Bone, it could be argued that campaigners are right. At least, it is impossible to make a film about anorexia which is representative of all affected by the disease. Being … Continue reading Film Review: To The Bone