June and Winter: Picks of the Week

By Niall Christie

Here’s a rundown of the music released, films screening, shows playing, books read, events happening and stuff going on that we think is worth talking about this week.

Martha Ffion – Sneaky Pete’s, Edinburgh

The musical project of Claire Martha Ffion McKay, this Irish-born, Glasgow-based artist travels to the east coast to play at Edinburgh’s famous Sneaky Pete’s on Thursday 20 July. Having impressed with last October’s EP Trip, an entrancing performance in the capital is very much on the cards before returning to Glasgow to play The Glad Cafe the following day. Fans of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs keep an ear out for slightly older tracks such as ‘No Applause’ interspersed between the lower key material from Trip, an EP which melds perfectly the influences of 1960’s soft rock and early 21st century Rilo Kiley. Certainly not to be missed. NC

To the Bone

Released to positive reviews at Sundance earlier this year and still holding an impressive rating on IMDb, To the Bone’s release will prove to be an interesting one as it has come in for a series of criticisms for its “glamourisation” of eating disorders. Directed by American Marti Noxon, To the Bone follows 20 year-old Ellen and her battle with anorexia and her time spent in an unconventional group home. Set to be released on streaming service Netflix, the feature length film will become another in the hit and miss line of original films on the site. Regardless of the quality, this is one to look out for. NC

Hebridean Celtic Festival – Stornoway, Lewis

Beautiful island setting, high profile headliners, up-and-coming acts and a local fringe – what’s not to love? Set in the picturesque grounds of Lews Castle on the outskirts of Stornoway, the festival site is less than 200m from the beaches of Lewis. Boasting a headlining trio of Irish rockabily star Imelda May, festival favourites The Waterboys and writer of ‘Caledonia’ Dougie MacLean, there’s something for everyone. Further down the programme listings there are a number of hidden gems, with talent such as neo-trad group Elephant Sessions travelling over from the mainland, as well as Siiga, the breathetaking project of Skye’s Richard McIntyre hopping over the inner seas for the occasion. NC


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